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Page8, London is London's lifestyle boutique hotel dedicated to the urban explorer. Unlike other city hotels, Page8 invites guests to discover London like a local, and have just published their own bespoke Undiscovered London Guide.

Page8’s central location is ideal, 8 St. Martin’s Place, opposite the famed National Portrait Gallery, in the heart of Trafalgar Square. It’s your home base for discovering the most unique experiences the city has to offer, starting from the moment you enter the lobby.

Page Common artisan café upends the idea of a traditional hotel lobby, it’s dynamic. Globetrotting guests settle in to browse the hotel’s Page Common Journal, a comprehensive hip hotspot blog created by fellow urban explorers.The coffeehouse features seasonal beans (courtesy of Assembly Coffee, based in London’s Brixton neighborhood.) Looking for a cuppa’? Page8’s got you covered, with offerings from sustainable and eco-friendly, Good and Proper Tea.

Settle into one of the snug seating areas with a cinnamon, cardamon spiced walnut bun from the artisanal Fabrique Bakery. Loved the hearty slice of Fabrique rye toast with sweet figs and tangy goat cheese, complemented by orange blossom honey and walnuts.

Or, opt for avocado toast or a fun take on a breakfast bap: a brioche bun stuffed with perfectly crisp bacon, fried eggs, and zesty tomato relish.

Surrender to bliss in a Page8 hotel room, a quaint retreat from the West End chaos. Seven types of accommodation—for a total of 138 rooms—offer a range of options.

The hum of a Blueair air purifier welcomes you in, while a 49” TV invites you to kick up your weary feet and enjoy a good BBC murder mystery. Alternatively, chill out to an in-room Spotify playlist, exclusively curated by the Page8 team, clearly projected on Marshall speakers.

Bathrooms boast amenities that can be composted in a brown bag, and you can book in-room beauty treatments via Ruuby. Sneakerheads can even get their kicks polished up with a professional sneaker-cleaning service.

Check out the hotel’s calendar of events and workshop series ranging from candlemaking, wreathmaking to astrology.

For dinner, head upstairs to Bisushima, an eatery housed atop the Page8 building, which offers unique takes on Japanese classics.

Gaze out over the city while sipping a cocktail on the rooftop terrace and pick out your next destination, Page148, Hong Kong.

By Carly Silver


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