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Orania Berlin

photo by Levin/Unsplash

Looking to discover Berlin’s wild, alternative scene?

Kreuzberg and Neukölln are Berlin's havens for global bohemians, artists, and musicians. Graffiti-covered and gritty, the energy here is a force, a culture dedicated to creating authentic, unique experiences.

photo by Jeison Higuita/Unsplash

Turkish labor workers brought over in the '60s infuse the area with exotic food markets and inexpensive Middle Eastern cafes. Life is affordable; everyone rides bikes and works on multiple creative projects. I imagine there are probably as many struggling/working DJs in Berlin as struggling/working actors in New York City.

photo by Nathan Wright/Unsplash

Looking to shop for Berlin fashion? There are barely any clothing stores in Neukölln and Kreuzberg. Why? It’s a lifestyle philosophy, “We don’t need more things.” Eclectic wardrobes are refreshed at the weekly flea markets or from the “free” piles.

photo by Fridolin Full

Orania.Berlin is at the border of what was East Berlin, 100 meters from where the Berlin Wall stood. In 2017, Orania. Berlin opened in a restored historic building, the first independent luxury hotel in Kreuzberg. The new hotel signaled the gentrification of Kreuzberg, and the community rebelled. Protesters smashed the floor-to-ceiling windows and covered the newly restored historic landmark in graffiti.

photo by Mario Heller

Jennifer and Philipp Vogel, the intelligent, energetic young couple running the hotel, understood the resistance to change. They decided to keep the smashed windows and graffiti; it would take time to be accepted in the area.

Their strategy was clever- the only way for the community to welcome the hotel was to invite the community to be a part of the Orania experience by offering free live concerts in a cool concert lounge and affordable drinks.

photo by Mario Heller

The hotel rooms are expensive for Berlin standards, but everyone can meet, have a drink and listen to free, live music.

Photo by Fridolin Full

The Orania.Berlin has a relaxed, friendly vibe that puts guests at ease. Check-in is informal; Jennifer Vogel welcomes you into the lounge like friends invited over to hang out. “We like our guests to come to sit down, relax and have a coffee. The holiday begins now.”

Photo by Fridolin Full

I love everything about this hotel; each element is smart and comfortable. The hotel has 41 rooms, and the corner suite was an epic stay.

photo by Fridolin Full

It was like having your own apartment with grand windows, a sleep sofa, and a guest bathroom.

photo by Fridolin Full

Love the comfortable bed, the spacious bath, the rain shower, and organic products.

photo by Fridolin Full

ORANIA.SALON on the top floor is a fantastic space for a concert with a Steinway B Piano, a private event, conference, screening, or record release for up to 100 people. The Salon’s floor-to-ceiling windows and balconies look out on Oranienplatz and the Berlin skyline.

photo by Fridolin Full

Chef/owner Phillip Vogel is the culinary maestro conducting the open kitchen and restaurant lounge.

photo by Fridolin Full

The ORANIA BREAKFAST CLUB is the place to start the day, open from 6:30 am till 2:00 pm. The breakfast club menu is designed like an entertainment program with stories about the benefits of goats’ milk, blackberries, and freshly ground nut butter.

Oh, do I love this menu! Smoothies, Kombuchas, Moroccan Mint Ginger Lemonade, and a global menu ranging from Shakshuka to Okonomiyaki pancakes, a Gravlax platter, avocado toast, and a glorious chia bowl. Freshly ground dark chocolate nut butter from the nut cream machine was like feasting on healthy Nutella. Seriously!

Dinner at Orania is a must to experience Chef Vogel’s signature dish- XBerg Peking Duck dinner for two. Inspired by Chef Vogel’s years working in Shanghai, it’s a four-course duck adventure through Asia, inspired by Japanese, Thai, and Chinese preparations of the legendary dish. A vegetarian version of the four courses is equally impressive.

X-Berg Duck photo by PCTRBRLN

Here’s an opportunity to see creative design in a dining experience. Diners receive a mini Xberg -Duck menu with Instagram hashtags for posting photos of each course. The crisp roasted duck skin is carved tableside and presented with the most delicate pancakes and an assortment of hoisin and spicy cucumbers #theskinisthebestpart.

photo by Mario Heller

The grilled duck breast is carved tableside and served with Pak Choi and Pepper #xbergduck. Each course is presented in a seamless, almost choreographed style.

photo by Fridolin Full

Music is the soul of the Orania experience, with 20 live concerts a month. All the artists are Berlin-based, and the concerts are free. Our last night, we sat at the bar and listened to soul/jazz/funk by Matti Klein on the piano and a percussionist.

You can tour the hotel in these very cool, quirky short music videos produced by Orania’s creative director, Käte Müller.



Whether you come to Orania.Berlin to stay, enjoy a free concert, cocktails, X-Berg Duck, or just a coffee; you will love it.


Oranienplatz 17 | 10999 Berlin

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by Debbie Silver


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