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Jade Mountain - St. Lucia

If the name conjures a mystical place with magical powers….it’s not too far off from reality! Jade Mountain is a strategically situated Shangri-La perched on a mountainside facing the celebrated Pitons of St. Lucia jutting out of the Caribbean Sea. Jade Mountain is the brainchild of Nick Troubetzkoy, owner and designer of this exclusive resort. Scheduled to reopen early July, St. Lucia has provided the following guidelines for travel and safety.

Each of the 24 “sanctuaries” have a unique layout with open air design, seamlessly bringing the tranquility of nature into each space through the use of natural materials and the breathtaking views.

Instead of alarm clocks, you are greeted with a symphony of singing birds in the morning. There are no TV’s to distract you from the healing nature of this experience. Many of the accommodations feature infinity pools that appear to blend with the aqua marine water below. For those willing to venture out, there is superb snorkeling, scuba diving and sunset cruises around the Pitons.

All accommodations include a personal “Major Domo” or butler available 24/7 to attend to your every need and comfort. Food is exquisitely prepared with many ingredients grown in the resort’s organic farm. Chocolates, made in house, rival the finest from Europe.

Building on the side of an undeveloped and steep site certainly had its share of engineering challenges. Those were creatively addressed with staircases and suspended private walkways accessing each of the suites ranging in size from 1,400 to 2,000 sq. ft.

The maze of staircases and walkways evokes the works of surrealist, M.C. Escher, only these pathways lead to heavenly spaces that guests are hesitant to leave…the magical healing powers of nature and Jade Mountain linger as you head back to reality. @JADEMOUNTAIN

By Elise Black


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